Monday, 21 June 2010

housewives of garden city?

been doing sweet FA for the past few days - boring! well i have been doing STUFF but it really doesn't count for anything e.g:

1) measured my hair growth obsessively 2) watched the finale of glee and was weirded out that no one else i know wanted to cry 3) tidied videos into alphabetical order (the worst idea ever after i realised films can't really be grouped together by name. well i can't find any link between geek maggot bingo and get carter anyway)

when studying part 1), people who post video reviews on beauty products become real style guru's on their street - tellin it how it is! i wish i had a webcam just so that i could blog my real-life daily beauty tips on here!!!! i could be the next snooki, or something like that.

don't think i'm brave enough to take on snooks at the minute though.

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