Tuesday, 29 June 2010

i've had a think, and decided that i'm not made up to be the make-up/style icon i envisaged. this is proved by today when the only way to tame my hair was to use a tonne of frizz ease and i still look like a mannish hermione granger - i don't even have video editing equipment sooo there is no point in considering a little trickery (smoke and mirrors could however flatter a freak-show based film?). like, there is still no theme, no direction to my blog... and it is guaranteed that EVERYTHING has already been discussed on the internet - EVERYTHING! typing my name into google used to only come up two hits (google wack!). that little fact of fame i'm sure has fizzled out now.

i checked and now there are 6,100 results. ain't that so cerazy??!!

Monday, 21 June 2010

housewives of garden city?

been doing sweet FA for the past few days - boring! well i have been doing STUFF but it really doesn't count for anything e.g:

1) measured my hair growth obsessively 2) watched the finale of glee and was weirded out that no one else i know wanted to cry 3) tidied videos into alphabetical order (the worst idea ever after i realised films can't really be grouped together by name. well i can't find any link between geek maggot bingo and get carter anyway)

when studying part 1), people who post video reviews on beauty products become real style guru's on their street - tellin it how it is! i wish i had a webcam just so that i could blog my real-life daily beauty tips on here!!!! i could be the next snooki, or something like that.

don't think i'm brave enough to take on snooks at the minute though.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Still looking for something to exorcise my technological demons. Should I learn to play an instrument? This is what i've been thinking about ever since I watched Michael Cuesta's '12 and Holding' last night.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Brave New World

sooo today i got a new phone. so far i've just made this video but it's a bit dark. when i went up to tesco's to get it i had to tell the woman at the desk that it was my first proper phone so she had to set it all up for me - and i felt like the biggest anti-/nerd ever! (but not as dumb as the guy next to me who's credit card for a NOKIA kept on getting denied! lol) in the past two days good ol' technology seems to have taken over my life so i feel that i must quickly find something to equal it all out again...

Thursday, 10 June 2010

I guess this is my first blog and I feel abit stupid just writing this (not much to write about atm anyways)! But hopefully I'll get into it soon: EVERYONE I know has a blog now... except me... so here this is - giving into blog pressure!!!