Monday, 30 August 2010

me and my ipod know eachother so well now that even when i put it on shuffle it will just read my mind (or is it the other way round?).

sorry i'm not that talkative today, it's just not that much happened today. so boring. blurrrrrrgh and i got told off for eatin a drumstick

Friday, 27 August 2010

The Good Man Justin

i just thought i'd update you, inlight of yesterday's staklist and all... I followed my plans for today pefectly and cats and dogs was sooooooooo wicked i want to watch it again already!!!! I even had time to finish my book (The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ) I liked it a lot but I was kind of disappointed when confronted by the unflattering portrait of Pullman on the sleeve of the book - i dumbly imagined a scamperish young anti-christ to be behind all the controversy... but nevermind...

if you are still bothering to read this then i will tell you something else: i don't want to go to sleep because my little sister (who sleeps on the top bunk!), everynight, when the clock strikes twelve she suddenly starts to cough like mental and it is driving me cerrrr-azzzzzy. it's driving me over the edge! it's like freddy krueger in reverse (do i have OCD???) she just coughs and coughs and coughs until it sounds like she's about to puke chunks. last night i had to sleep with my ipod on ALL night and i kept waking up to justin hawkins screaming about all sorts of stuff. well anyway, i don't think i can do it again tonight so i'm sleeping on the settee.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Salivia Pa Dumbo

i hate this cretinous world\! it gets on my nerves more than olivia palermo and even MORE than yolanda be cool. YES I SAID IT!!! nothing could be more grating on my already frail heart. want the official stalker's guide to my day tomorrow?:

first of all: wake up and do a big yawn like this hurrrrrr harrrrrrrrr! yawwwwwn.
next of all: at 3:30pm go see cats & dogs: the revenge of kitty galore 3D alone! (DON'T even think about sitting next to me (or even stalking from afar) if you're gonna be breathing all heavy like that and chewing stuff)
then: stop to buy some tom-A-to soup from the shop
come home and see what's on on my favourite channel: E!
make tha soup whilst reminiscing about all those good old soup times and bid goodnight and maybe yawn again. yawwwwwwn ha hurrr heeeeee.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

R.I.P Land Before Time!

i am so crazy addicted to soup at the minute nom nom nom that it is all i'm interested in.

i have been re-reading 'Crackpot: The Obsessions of John Waters' and it is one of my favourite books ever. John is so wise and gives the best advice. we also have lots in common like we both: hate audrey hepburn and Mr T, prefer to live completely alone and are already obsessing about christmas by June.

and so the first thing that I am adding to my christmas wish list this year is John Water's new book called 'Role Models.' I not only want the book but the AUDIO CD too! narrated by my favourite pope. so please please please per-leaaaaaaz santa, if you're reading this blog - (subscibe and then) answer my prayers!

the computer is still brook, but now there's more... my video player is BROOK up more than my old granny's back A A A A !! it just chewed up 'Land Before Time' and spat it out. I just feel like nothing has developed since i started this dumb blog as i repeat: i hate technology!!! all i want to do is listen to 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' (NOT watch the film though and moon river just makes me want to D.I.E ) but is it worth buying the album by Deep Blue Something? just for one song (albeit one catchy, amazing song? if you have the album would you recommend it?

i THINK that i've filled you in with everything there is to know atm. but if there is anything more pressing than my christmas list (which i doubt), i'll let you know!

Friday, 20 August 2010

The Devil's Back-Comb

i went to see splice and surprise mother frickin surrprise. it wasn't on.

i should have known that the day i wear my hair in pigtails this would happen - what possessed me to do that? everyone knows pigtails are the worst omen EVER... wednesday addams, rhoda from the bad seed and now yours truly have hair styles that have been teased and tangled by satan himself.

i bought the hottie and the nottie in my state of disappointment because only paris can make me feel better right now (and stop me from biting the head off every jelly baby under my power grrrrrr!)

Thursday, 19 August 2010

So True! So False!

apparently, my moodiness could be my success. i was just reading marie claire and saw this article: 'Russia's new bitch schools: Where Moscow's millionaire hunters learn how to turn from man-pleasers to man-teasers'. and what an article (what a title!) it is... and itsa gonna be eaa-sy! because the first rule is "always look unhappy" - so if things don't work out i could become head girl/bitch at this russian academy of gold diggers. i'll let you know how it goes - huffing and scowling all day behind the icecreams at work could go either way.

today was okay. i went into town and bought my favourite sandwich (beef and stilton special) and some videos. because i know i keep talking about reviewing a list of the worst films ever (shallow hal is also now on the list btw) but i guess i really haven't seen that many films to hate - and i like rubbish films too like i know who killed me and flesh gordon (lolz!). and i am pretty forgiving of most things too(which will soon change i guess as i become a manipulating skag known as vladlena). for example - my freshers week at university have invited scooch to pay tribute to glee. scooch! and glee! so terrible, i know, but YAY! at the same time. it's going to be better than the time big brovas came to school.

i really want to see splice tomorrow!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


let me tell you, today i could nae be more mizerabul. suddenly i feel like an only child just sitting around while my mum and dad eat mcdonalds and i eat the mankiest sandwich next to our old fish - so old that its scales have grown OVER ITS EYES and blinded it (vom vom vom). and i was less pleased that someone deleted perhaps the most drama filled episode of the house wives of new jersey off the telly.

i'm a real moaner at the minute so it might be time to change the name of my blog to 'your new frenemy.' i have been waiting impatiently for some cd's that i bought to arrive which include She & Him, Pixies and The Drums because did i tell you? the computer broke (including itunes). tomorrow i get my exam results too (blurgh). all at once i am developing a deadening of spirit, a numbing frustration and a sense of hopelessness! so my indepth analysis of why i hate titanic will have to wait till tomorrow - or i might die of grumpiness!!!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

if you don't know me by now! (you will never ever ever know me... oooooh)

it has been about 365.25 days since the 'disaster.' so after watching 'good hair' today it is still probably too soon to be thinking about getting a $1000 weave! ouch! the lord above only knows how badly i want an Aslan-like mane. buttttt also... there are afew things getting on my nerves at the minute:

1. titanic (the most annoying thing EVER, and the first film i can think of that i actually HATE) 2. getting told off for eating cheese 3. the hundreds of england flags put up in our house 4. the most ugliest pike scuplture that i wake up to every morning 5. when people put their shoes on top of mine on the shoe rack 6. my little sister's friend comes to the house on my only 'goth day' in the week 7. pre-university talk 8. i have started to air drum AND guitar (AND on the bus) 9. when you get rejected and then to hide the pain your facebook activity goes through the roof! (i hate facebook! amen)

that's just afew things that immediately come to mind. however, there are afew things that i've learned to like and love since 365.25 days ago:

1. mayonaise 2. water! 3. CDs 4. pretending to be a bad cop 5. grease (the movie)! 6. can't think of anymore right now (g2g)