Tuesday, 29 June 2010

i've had a think, and decided that i'm not made up to be the make-up/style icon i envisaged. this is proved by today when the only way to tame my hair was to use a tonne of frizz ease and i still look like a mannish hermione granger - i don't even have video editing equipment sooo there is no point in considering a little trickery (smoke and mirrors could however flatter a freak-show based film?). like, there is still no theme, no direction to my blog... and it is guaranteed that EVERYTHING has already been discussed on the internet - EVERYTHING! typing my name into google used to only come up two hits (google wack!). that little fact of fame i'm sure has fizzled out now.

i checked and now there are 6,100 results. ain't that so cerazy??!!

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