Monday, 25 October 2010


so you might have heard: you have have aquired some knowledge about me - you might have been stalking me a bit TOO much now to know that i'm going as katylicious perry for hallow's eve this year. i can confirm that the gossip is correct!!!!

but onto the serious stuff...

do you look/would like to look like this for a night? do you have hair taller than a chimney pot and a talent in offending others? are you a cockney geeza? can you dance like a spindley legged snake and take every oppertunity to get nakers for some dumb protest?

If you answered "YESSSSS!!!" to any of the above (or to none, no one will know) then you should come as my hot rasputic date to the biggest party of the year!!! woohoo!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Place Space

Good evening! Today in Dundee it has been cold and these blisterin winds have been blowing me about a bit. That's all I can think of right now, the real reason I came to the library today was to watch videos of Adam Green...

what a man. wanna talk about boyz with me? wanna play dream phone? i'm bored! come over and we can play scrabble together! want to snoop through my clothes and wrestle? sure! i've got harry potter top trumps and a washing line in my bathroom! ... ? ? ? so i'll c u in 5 mins.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

this T-Rex scares the livin bejeeus outta me

hello! remember me? yeah, hi!

let me tell you, i hate quizzes. they are dumb, you know the ones when you just do them and find out who you are, or what you are, or which dinosaur you could be (btw i am a t-rex in my next life: so scary! like THE RIDE), or which saw trap is going to kill you in the future, or which world famous wwf wrestler you share skills with. okay, i DO love them. i changed my mind, about 10 seconds after i started writing what you (and yours truly) just read. mmm hmm. so i love quizzes. motion passed!


now, what else? oooooh yes. i recently applied to be considered as a professional blogger for my high-school/ that is well not happening. dunno what else there is to tell you except this year i am dressing as katy perry for halloween (officially bagsied here first!), i'm gonna look so friggin sweet that you're gonna need your novorapid times'd by ten! woohoo. now i just need a back-combed mophead trailing behind me on pointy-toed wheels...

Sunday, 10 October 2010


last night i learnt that my recent love/hate interest's reason for being such a big old jerk is that really he had a rare skin disease that stopped us from getting too close. afterwards i also found out that he shared his room with seven lowely orphans and an angry pops. naturally, this made me forgive everything before now BUT IT WAS JUST A DREAM. oh no no no. so lame! (argh but i will still believe it to be true)

oh no no no no no no no