Monday, 28 February 2011

bad soulz

yeah you heard what i said, this blog is about a particular species of human that just drive me ker-aaaazified. now, we have already taken a peek into the limp life of stupid actress, audrey hepburn, but helll that is just the beginninnnnnng my friends!

today's lesson is all about jennifer aniston. the princess in friends and the undateable in real life. urgh! where to start... where to start.... let's just end it here by saying YOU FRICKIN IDIOT! YOU BLOODY EE-JITTING IDIOT! WHEN YOU SPEAK ALL I HEAR IS WAH WAH WAH SHOPPING MOAN MOAN MOAN ROSS ROSSSSSS BLAH BLAH BLAH HAIR. phew.

that's just the way it is, and is closed to discussion btw.

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