Thursday, 16 June 2011

Freaky Fridays with Your New Friend

Hi! It's me again, I've been doing the creep all frickin week (just following the pope's orders) and what else? Being Cee-lo-obsezzered... is that bad? I don't know anymore! Now it's the holidays I made a long list of films that I haven't had time to watch, and now the time has come! HOWEVER, I already got side-tracked, again. Girrrl, didn't you hear the human centipede 2 got banned from England? So I guess it's only very very normal to trawl through the many films that have been banned in the past (and some that still are). Might aswell juss goss about scary films if it's alright with you. I thought I'd make it into a short weekly thingy. Being bezzers I trust your opinion but that doesn't change that i am always right. So let's get started!

Week 1#: Saw 3D, Paranormal Activity 2, I spit on Your Grave, Nekromantik and A Serbian Film. (And half of Grotesque, but that was the most boringest piece of shizz everrrrr so it gets skipped)

Saw 3D was reaaaally good and scary. I'm so glad Doctor Gordon came back, and shiesh, he looks even better without a limb. Phew! Although they've used the reverse bear trap too many times now and Jill is in it more than Jigsaw, i'm still a sucker for Saw!

Paranormal Activity 2 was plain annoying. The mum and dad were both mega jerks and i hated them from the start: they were racist to the maid, mad about the jacuzzi being too hot and wanted to film every second of their life (just like my dad)! borrr-ing! i only felt bad when the dog died. And I wasn't even sure if the reason I felt bad was just because it reminded me of when poor Gangu died in Audition.

I spit on your grave was one of the best films I watched this week but probably for the second bit. That girl was feaaaaarlesssss with a pair of garden shears. it was creepy and gory and most the time i was hiding behind Byron. but i'd probably only watch it alone because it was kind of not very nice to the ladies.

Nekromantik was a funny film! it was all old looking (like you!) so everything looked like plastic or a prop from the science classrooms at school. It WAS weird when they put that pole on the skeleton and well, you know the rest, but it probably isn't something that you'd think should have been banned...

A serbian film was the opposite of I spit on your grave as i prefer part I. The second half was full of really really disgusting stuff that made me wanna puke! it was TOO much, and i'm glad this ended week 1, so I can forget about it! It's like, half porn film/half effed up extreme film. Blurgh!

Saw 3D was obvs my favourite. It's about time we had a saw party, eh web-roomie? You can be lil puppet jigsaw coz i can't ride a bike, let alone that teeny unicycle thing... and sure, you can use the bathroom BUT YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE! Tomorrow I'll post a list of my favourite Saw Quotes too. (i forget what hoffman was gawping at here but he sure looks intense!)

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