Sunday, 17 July 2011

Freaky Whatevz! Ar-oooooo!

I know it's no longer Friday but being so close to a full moon... well... I'm not really allowed out of the basement! YOU look different too! Do something different to your hair? What do you mean, 'it turned like that over-night'??? Shiesh, I guess you like to dance as well? LELAND?! It looks scary alright... Speaking of scary, how about we get on with some spooky films?!

Week #4: Fade of the Cries, Small Town Murder Songs, Cursed, In a Glass Cage and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

Fade of the Cries was just awwwwwwwweful. Jacob - Jeez, like I ain't heard that name a berzillion times already this century!! And then there's the scrawny guy from American Pie... yeah, you know which one i mean, girrrrrl! Well, he's evil this time round! And actually kind of okay, I suppose... But the girl. THAT GIRL!? She's so flip-time annoying that it makes me want to like this film. If you want to be annoyed, that is?! Moving on...

Small Town Murder Songs... Is it just me or did the beginning of this week just feel boring to you? HAHA! Well, don't be TOO harsh, boring is perhaps the wrong choice of word, although it may have been a wrong choice of film on my behalf! A nice title, a reaaaally religious soundtrack, a killer moustache like mr. fussy and a loony old gran all made this film good. Amen to that! However... It wasn't funny, it wasn't scary... When you find out who the murderer is, it's just sort of like ahh shrug, you should have known it was me, and plus I don't care anyway! Lock me up and throw away the key! But I wouldn't say it was the most pointless film ever... It was just one of those trips to purgatory that we didn't find that fun... Let's go somewhere more exotic next time?

If we do plan to go on holiday again, let's make it somewhere where we can celeb watch ALL day! Somewhere like Cursed! There are sooo many wick actors in this film - where to start? Christina Ricci, PACEY from DC! Zombieland boy... Peter Petrelli... Mya and another appearance from an ex American Pie actor (Miss foreign exchange!). But this scary flick isn't just a pretty face! Hello noo! This was scary and fast! You get to see quite afew werewolf becomings, and within the first two seconds of the film, you already get the best AROOOOO ever! OW OW OWWWWW!

Another week, another Paralyzed Nazi Pedophile! Finally, we got to sit down and watch this film after weeks of hearing about how crazy it is... And it's true! You actually get fear in this film AND blood! I guess that's true too, it's so awkward because of, well, everything! Not even that euthanising mother is getting near ME! It's probably one of those films that you should just watch alone, but I still liked it a lot. And that boy who looks like Lucas Battich has a great fashion sense! Can I hold your coat while you do that?

Now, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari was... hmm! Researching horror films, you come across this one allllllll the time. Caligari IS so spooky, especially with those mickey mouse gloves! LOL! But to me, maybe it was just too theatrical... All that piano and all that make-up didn't scare me one little bit! But times have changed I guess! Just because we were giggling half the time doesn't mean it was bad, or anywhere near the worst of the week. The entire film looked like it was fed through a xerox machine, and I WANT A XEROX MACHINEEEEEE!

Obvz Cursed gets crowned the best of the week! See you back soon, web-roomie? Make sure no one catches you though, yer jam clutz!

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