Friday, 1 July 2011

House of Horrors!

Where've you been hiding all week, scary? I know it's Friday but no reviews this week... Sorry, i'll make it up to you! I double swear, pinky promise... well whatever! Instead, wanna snoop around a little? AAA! DON'T TOUCH THAT! AND WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???!!!!....

oh that? haha! there are way too many creepy, grumpy photo's of our family lying around for just anyone to pick up... so I'll just pop this over here next to that freakin weirdo toy! sure it can hatch those cute furrified babies but I don't trust those big old bug eyes!

AAA! did you leave that t-rex head on the door again? well I certainly didn't... everytime I look into that dino-eye, I get the heebies for sure! So let's not watch Jurassic Park tonight, okay? OR planet of the apes! I swear only last week that chimp was wearing your beret!

EEK! per-leaz look away, I told my mom to put that poster DOWN! (will the embarrassment never cease???) where does she even find this spooky stuff? Is that a rat? MOMMMM! oh no, it's okay now... but can you please remove that freaky bratz doll from out of my face, I'm about to turn the light out. Will you do my hair all glamorous like that tomorrow? HAHA! just kidding... but leave the outside light on... just incase!?

yawwwwn... is it morning already? OMFGZ!!!! WHERE DID THIS EEEEEVIL BELLIED PIKE COME FROM? A A A A! if I wanted to be chased by those pincers I would be watching Sword in the Stone already. Look at that ugly thing... just lurking in the shadows!!! I think it's time you leave, and quick!

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