Wednesday, 11 August 2010

if you don't know me by now! (you will never ever ever know me... oooooh)

it has been about 365.25 days since the 'disaster.' so after watching 'good hair' today it is still probably too soon to be thinking about getting a $1000 weave! ouch! the lord above only knows how badly i want an Aslan-like mane. buttttt also... there are afew things getting on my nerves at the minute:

1. titanic (the most annoying thing EVER, and the first film i can think of that i actually HATE) 2. getting told off for eating cheese 3. the hundreds of england flags put up in our house 4. the most ugliest pike scuplture that i wake up to every morning 5. when people put their shoes on top of mine on the shoe rack 6. my little sister's friend comes to the house on my only 'goth day' in the week 7. pre-university talk 8. i have started to air drum AND guitar (AND on the bus) 9. when you get rejected and then to hide the pain your facebook activity goes through the roof! (i hate facebook! amen)

that's just afew things that immediately come to mind. however, there are afew things that i've learned to like and love since 365.25 days ago:

1. mayonaise 2. water! 3. CDs 4. pretending to be a bad cop 5. grease (the movie)! 6. can't think of anymore right now (g2g)

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