Thursday, 26 August 2010

Salivia Pa Dumbo

i hate this cretinous world\! it gets on my nerves more than olivia palermo and even MORE than yolanda be cool. YES I SAID IT!!! nothing could be more grating on my already frail heart. want the official stalker's guide to my day tomorrow?:

first of all: wake up and do a big yawn like this hurrrrrr harrrrrrrrr! yawwwwwn.
next of all: at 3:30pm go see cats & dogs: the revenge of kitty galore 3D alone! (DON'T even think about sitting next to me (or even stalking from afar) if you're gonna be breathing all heavy like that and chewing stuff)
then: stop to buy some tom-A-to soup from the shop
come home and see what's on on my favourite channel: E!
make tha soup whilst reminiscing about all those good old soup times and bid goodnight and maybe yawn again. yawwwwwwn ha hurrr heeeeee.

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