Wednesday, 18 August 2010


let me tell you, today i could nae be more mizerabul. suddenly i feel like an only child just sitting around while my mum and dad eat mcdonalds and i eat the mankiest sandwich next to our old fish - so old that its scales have grown OVER ITS EYES and blinded it (vom vom vom). and i was less pleased that someone deleted perhaps the most drama filled episode of the house wives of new jersey off the telly.

i'm a real moaner at the minute so it might be time to change the name of my blog to 'your new frenemy.' i have been waiting impatiently for some cd's that i bought to arrive which include She & Him, Pixies and The Drums because did i tell you? the computer broke (including itunes). tomorrow i get my exam results too (blurgh). all at once i am developing a deadening of spirit, a numbing frustration and a sense of hopelessness! so my indepth analysis of why i hate titanic will have to wait till tomorrow - or i might die of grumpiness!!!

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