Thursday, 19 August 2010

So True! So False!

apparently, my moodiness could be my success. i was just reading marie claire and saw this article: 'Russia's new bitch schools: Where Moscow's millionaire hunters learn how to turn from man-pleasers to man-teasers'. and what an article (what a title!) it is... and itsa gonna be eaa-sy! because the first rule is "always look unhappy" - so if things don't work out i could become head girl/bitch at this russian academy of gold diggers. i'll let you know how it goes - huffing and scowling all day behind the icecreams at work could go either way.

today was okay. i went into town and bought my favourite sandwich (beef and stilton special) and some videos. because i know i keep talking about reviewing a list of the worst films ever (shallow hal is also now on the list btw) but i guess i really haven't seen that many films to hate - and i like rubbish films too like i know who killed me and flesh gordon (lolz!). and i am pretty forgiving of most things too(which will soon change i guess as i become a manipulating skag known as vladlena). for example - my freshers week at university have invited scooch to pay tribute to glee. scooch! and glee! so terrible, i know, but YAY! at the same time. it's going to be better than the time big brovas came to school.

i really want to see splice tomorrow!

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